Press release 11/06/15

cartellone-eolie-thumbThe island in contemporary art, from Sicily to Chile
July / October 2015
Lipari Castle
Curated by Lea Mattarella and Lorenzo Zichichi

Press Conference
17th June 2015 - London, Estorick Collection of modern italian art
Inauguration 12th July - Lipari, church of Santa Caterina and former jail

EOLIE 1950/2015. MARE MOTUS. The island in contemporary art, from Sicily to Chile is the title of the big exhibition starting on Sunday 12th July 2015 and opening to the public in the enchanting former Church of Santa Caterina, inside the Lipari Castle.
The exhibition curated by Lea Mattarella and Lorenzo Zichichi is integral part of the broader biannual cultural project Mare Eolie that involves also the area of the upper citadel.

The curators' project emerges clearly from the title and subtitle: selecting from the national and international scene a group of around 40 artists that might deal – specifically on this occasion- or who have already dealt with the subject of the island. Based on the concept introduced by Gesualdo Bufalino that sees Sicily as a plural island, as the awesome microcosm rich in plentiful languages capable of representing different worlds, independent and contrasting with each other and to claim the need for a journey during which you can land each time on a different image. A diversity maintained also in the plurality of forms of expression chosen – painting, sculpture, video installation, photography, pottery- along with a specifically designed set-up that will help stressing the idea conveyed of a modernity within an ancient venue becoming a sophisticated exhibition setting.
The works of art will establish a dialogue with the hosting spaces of the former church, both an imposing physical place and a true place of the soul, where emotions and reflections can be laid down by means of a contemporary language and the historical and cultural signs featuring it ever since restored to light.
Among the photography projects those by Martin Parr, Elger Esser, Nan Goldin, Gioberto Noro, Carlo Gavazzeni Ricordi, Raffaela Mariniello and Veronica Naldone, among the video installations the work by Elena Bellantoni. And also Valerio Berruti, Rosario Bruno, Franco Accursio Gulino, Laura Panno, Mauro Di Silvestre, Alessandra Giovannoni, Silvia Camporesi, Cristiano Pintaldi, Bruno Ceccobelli, Andrea Di Marco, Fathi Hassan, Alberto Biasi, Giuseppe Gallo, Velasco Vitali, Paolo Picozza, Mimmo Paladino and some representatives of the South America like Samy Benmayor. The authors of strong impact installations like Gregorio Botta, Elisabetta Novello and Riccardo Monachesi. Then, of course, the great masters of the Sicilian XX century like Carla Accardi, Fausto Pirandello, Renato Guttuso, Antonio Sanfilippo, Piero Guccione, Emilio Isgrò, Pietro Consagra, Salvo along with a testimony by Alberto Burri that creates a connection with the Gibellina experience.

Presentazione del volume Eolie 1950 - 2015 maremotus

invito-londra-art l'assessore regionale dei Beni Culturali e dell'Identità Siciliana
Antonio Purpura
il dirigente generale del Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali e dell'Identità Siciliana
Gaetano Pennino
il soprintendente per i Beni Culturali ed Ambientali di Messina
Rocco G. Scimone
il direttore del Museo Archeologico Luigi Bernabò Brea
Maria Amalia Mastelloni

invitano alla presentazione del volume
a cura di Lea Mattarella e Lorenzo Zichichi
eolie 1950-2015 mare motus anteprima

mercoledì 17 giugno 2015, ore 19.00
Estorick Collection of modern italian art, Londra
39a Canonbury Square

ufficio stampa Costanza Pellegrini
+39 3397252425
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info + 39 06 6865493

Ettore de Concilliis - Alex Caminiti

eolie 1950 /2015
mare motus

Ettore de Conciliis - Alex Caminiti

The door of the sea
La porta del mare

October 11 2014, h 17.00
ex carcere del castello

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